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Monday, 14 July 2014

Sri Lankan Carrot Curry /Mild Spicy

Sri Lankan Carrot Curry /Mild Spicy
Sri Lankan Carrot Curry /carrot kirata

Do you like carrot? Of course, I like. However, usually I like to include carrot in a salad. But sometimes, I cook it as a curry. So, today recipe is a Sri Lankan carrot curry (aka Carrot kirata). In this curry, I cooked carrot with thick coconut milk using green chili. Therefore, the curry has a vibrant orange colour, which I really like. This curry is not so spicy due to addition of green chili instead of red chili powder. The way of cooking is really easy and good to prepare if you are in a hurry.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Simple Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry

Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry

This is a simple and easy Beetroot curry from Sri Lanka.I cook beetroot in this method when I am in a hurry to cook. When it is cooked in thick coconut milk as a dry curry, it tastes much and well goes with plain rice. I really like to add the leaves of the beet to the curry. But most of the time I can’t find beetroots with the leaves.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Easy Egg Salad

Easy Egg Salad

I usually add salads to our meal simply because; it is fresh, easy and healthy. Sometimes I add hard boiled eggs too. In this egg salad, I added hard boiled eggs to a tomato, onion and green chili mix.It was fine.Just keep in mind to not to overcook the eggs. Once overcooked, the yolk looks darker and tastes different. It is not appealing too.
When I want to hard boil eggs, I simply use the steamer part of the Rice Cooker and steam it when I cook rice. Once rice is cooked, I remove the steamer from the rice cooker and rinse the eggs under cool water. In this way I prevent eggs from overcooking. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Spicy Banana Pepper Stir-fry (Malu Miris Curry)

Malu Miris Curry

Banana peppers are one of our favourite vegetables. In Sri Lanka, we can easily buy Banana Peppers(aka Malu Miris),but here in Singapore, we always visit Little India to buy this capsicum type.I really like it as it adds some spicy taste to the meal making it real Sri Lankan.I cook it in different ways. Please check this stuffed Malu Miris, Tuna with Malu Miris and chicken with malu miris for some other similar recipes.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Watalappan -A Sri Lankan Dessert

Watalappan -A Sri Lankan Dessert

Watalappan is an easy, sweet dessert from Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular desserts and has become one of the must have desserts in any special occasion including a wedding. Anyway, once searching for details, I found that this dessert has a Malay origin and the Sri Lankan Malay community calls it as ‘Sirikaya’.Kaya is something familiar for me here in Singapore. I’ve tried kaya toast which is toasted bread with kaya jam. So far I didn’t check what kaya is or how to make it. Interestingly, kaya is a jam made of coconut and egg. This watalappan pudding is also a result of coconut and egg steamed with jaggery.Sometimes it is interesting to know a bit of the history of food,isn't it?

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style

Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style
Caramel Pudding-Sri Lankan Style

Caramel Pudding is a very popular dessert in Sri Lanka. But, it is not purely Sri Lankan. This is an easy dessert popular among most people around the world. Even it has different names like cream Caramel, Caramel Flan, Custard Pudding or Caramel Pudding. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for Caramel Pudding. Most recipes require 5 eggs for the same ingredients and quantities. However, I used only 3 eggs, also I didn’t use water. For the custard, I added sugar, you can remove it if it is too sweet. Anyway I am not a big fan of sweet treats. Still I didn’t feel this pudding is too sweet. I really don’t like to try desserts when I feel that I have to wash a lot of utensils or when I am unsure of achieving the best appearance and taste. For the below recipe, I am sure even a kid can achieve a good tasting Caramel Pudding without much effort.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Konda Kavum recipe from Aunty Gunawathie

Konda Kavum recipe
Konda Kavum

Konda Kavum is one of the most popular traditional sweets from Sri Lanka. It needs some skill to cook konda kavum ,specially to cook Konda Kavum with a nice shape. This oil cake/kavum has a top part and it is said ‘konda’ (in Sinhala,konda means hair and this top part is similar to a bun of hair). Frankly, I am not very good with Sri Lankan traditional sweets. So far, I have tried Kokis and Mung Kavum , I could cook them better. Now I want to learn how to cook Konda Kavum. Wait, I have a plan to cook Konda Kavum for the New Year on April. We Sri Lankans celebrate New Year in April. Mostly it falls around 12-15 of April each year and this is a festival we enjoy much. All the traditional dishes get highest place on festive tables and Konda Kavum is one of those sweets.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sri Lankan Cauliflower Curry (Mild Spicy)

Sri Lankan Cauliflower Curry (Mild Spicy)

Cauliflower curry is popular at my home and I cook it frequently. Anyway I use few different methods to cook Cauliflower and this is one of the methods. In this cauliflower curry I use green chili and therefore the curry is not much spicy. Also appearance is yellowish with the creamy appearance of coconut milk.I don’t use thin coconut milk as of many Sri Lankan recipes, instead I cook this curry in thick coconut milk till the gravy becomes dry.
This curry well goes with rice or even with roti. Try this curry, also don’t forget to check this Cauliflower curry, which is bit spicy.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry

Snake Gourd with Dhal Curry /Pathola Curry

I always cook Snake gourd without mixing any other veggie or legume. This time I tried snake gourd with dhal. Actually I saw many Indian recipes which cook snake gourd and dhal together and thought of give it a try.Anyway,I changed the Indian recipe to a Sri Lankan version. I added coconut milk and even spices are as per Sri Lankan cooking. This combination is really good and the curry came out well.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Sri Lankan Milk Toffee

Sri Lankan Milk Toffee
Milk Toffee (Kiri Toffee) is one of the Sri Lankan Sweets which is delicious and easy to cook. Anyway, I am not a big fan of sweet treats, so I am very lazy to cook those at home. With milk toffee, one of the big difficulties is to stir it until it is set and leave off from the fire when it reaches the correct consistency. Anyway as I remember, my mother used to make this for any special occasion without much complain.This time when she visited me, I proposed her to make Milk Toffee and this is what we did.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Kathurumurunga Leaves with Prawns

Kathurumurunga Leaves with Prawns

Kathurumurunga leaves (Sesbania grandiflora,Agati Leaves) are one of favourite greens at our home. I have a habit of cooking greens much frequently with other Sri Lankan dishes. This leaves has a bit bitter taste, but it goes well in a meal once served with other curries and plain rice.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Popular Chinese Dishes in Sri Lanka

Chinese dishes are popular among Sri Lankans.Here I gathered few popular recipes in Sri Lanka,namely Fried Rice,Chicken deviled,Vegetable Chop suey,Chili paste and Chinese Kankun stirfry.
Here are the recipes.
1)Chinese Fried Rice
Chinese Fried Rice is well popular among Sri Lankans,instead of seafood,try it with chicken,egg or vegetables for a different taste.

Chinese Fried Rice

Monday, 2 December 2013

Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum/Agati Leaves in Grated Coconut

Kathurumurunga Kola Mallum/Agati Leaves in Grated Coconut

Kola Mallum is one of popular ways to eat leafy greens. A Sri Lankan meal is not completed if there is no any green dish added. Kathurumurunga leaves (Sesbania grandiflora,Agati Leaves) is one of healthy green found in Sri Lanka and here is how it can be cooked as a mallum.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Spicy Sri Lankan Fish Curry (Malu Mirisata)

Spicy Sri Lankan Fish Curry (Malu Mirisata)

Yesterday I cooked a Spicy Sri Lankan Fish Curry  (Malu Mirisata) and thought of sharing it today!Surprise!!Usually I take a long time to upload pics and write a blog post.Still there are lot of recipes and photos waiting in a folder which I cooked and captured early this year. :) 
Anyway,as Sri Lanka is an island,we consume plenty of fish and seafood.There are different methods to cook fish as a curry and I have shared some recipes before in this post Fish Curry and in this post Sri Lankan style fish curry.
If you check this Ambul Thiyal recipe,it is one of the best Fish Recipes from Sri Lanka!! 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Drumstick Curry with Grated Coconut

Drumstick Curry with Grated Coconut (Sri Lankan Recipes)
Drumstick Curry (Sri Lankan Recipes)

Drumstick Curry (Murunga Curry) I shared earlier is a simple Sri Lankan Curry recipe in thick coconut cream.In this recipe,I reduced the amount of thick coconut milk and instead added some thin grated coconut.Addition of grated coconut gave a rich and thick gravy which made this curry so special.
I hope you will enjoy this version of Drumstick curry (Murunga curry) in a Sri Lankan meal!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sri Lankan winged bean stir fry (Dambala Thel Dala )

Sri Lankan winged bean stir fry (Dambala Thel Dala )

Sri Lankan recipe-Dambala Thel Dala
winged bean stir fry

Winged Beans (Dambala) are a protein packed vegetable which I always like to use in my dishes.Other than Protein,it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Do you know, it is even rich with calcium? This is also known as four angled beans.In Sri Lanka,we even consume the leaves of this plant.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Drumstick leaves stir fry (Murunga Kola Mallun)

Drumstick leaves stir fry (Murunga Kola Mallun)
Drumstick Leaves stir fry (kola mallun)
In Sri Lanka we eat drumstick.(murunga).But I have never eaten the leaves of it when I was in my home country. Even I have not seen this leaves as a popular food in Sri Lanka. May be I don’t know. But once we came to Singapore, I saw drumstick leaves in wet markets. Usually a Sri Lankan menu is not completed if there is no dish with greens. Since we couldn’t find the types of greens we cooked in Sri Lanka, we started to try different leaves found here. In this way, drumstick leaves were added to our shopping list.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sri Lankan Ridge Gourd Curry (Watakolu Curry)

Sri Lankan Recipe:Ridge Gourd (Watakolu) curry 
Watakolu curry-Ridge Gourd Curry

Ridge Gourd (Watakolu) curry is one of my favourite mild spicy curry from Sri Lankan cuisine.In this curry, ridge gourd is cooked in thick coconut cream. It is mild spicy due to use of green chili and looks pale in colour.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sri Lankan Drumstick Curry (Murunga Curry)

Sri Lankan Drumstick Curry (Murunga Curry)

Drumstick curry /(Murunga Curry) is another popular curry from Sri Lanka. Usually I cook this at home specially when we need a mild spicy curry. Here I share a mild spicy version of Drumstick curry which is cooked with green chili. It is mild spicy due to use of green chili and appearance is bit pale than with red chili powder. On the other way, eating drumstick is quiet enjoyable because we have to eat the flesh inside and need to remove the skin part. Those who love Drumsticks (murunga) will agree with me.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Sri Lankan style Mushroom curry

Sri Lankan curry recipes

Mushrooms are one of our favourites in any dish. I usually use it in a Fried Rice or in my favourite cream of mushroom soup. Here I use it in a curry and well goes with rice or roti.I like this Mushroom curry much as it is a protein packed vegetarian dish.
In this recipe, I used Sri Lankan Raw Curry Powder and other spices in raw. So it gives different appearance and taste from the dish which uses roasted curry powder and spices.