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  1. whats the agra agra powder.where can i buy living in srilanka.

    thank you.

    1. Thanks Semran for your comment & interest.
      Agar Agar powder is more similar with 'Unflavoured gelatin'.but Agar Agar is vegetarian.
      I guess you can find it in a super market like 'Cargils' or 'Keels'.or even from a shop which they sell cake ingredients & others...If you cannot find 'Agar Agar' in Sri Lanka,look for 'Gelatin'. You can try Agar Agar recipes using gelatin.But quantity will be bit different...Sorry I am not sure about exact location to buy as I am not in SL now.

  2. whats the agra agra powder.where can i buy it.i living in srilanka.


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