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Valentine's Day Gifts with Boxes of Matches

Valentine's Day Gifts with Boxes of Matches

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Everywhere it is about  Valentine’s Day gifts
I am excited by seen many Valentine’s Day recipes, DIY & Craft projects .Few weeks ago I saw this match boxes idea in a pinterest  board and really attracted to it. This idea is good as a kids' project which kids can involve to prepare the cute boxes.I guess this is good to share the love with nursery friends during the Valentine's Day! With Edible Gifts for Valentine's Day,chocolates take the first place,so I used some chocolate hearts to fill the boxes.

Valentine's Day Gifts with Boxes of Matches

Actually,yesterday was my husband's birthday and I had a plan to bake a cake for him.But my baby son who is 4 months now got up early in the morning and started smiling with me.He was so happy and active yesterday,rolling over on his tummy.He is so happy with his new adventure.(rolling on his tummy than staying on his back). So,I have to keep my eye on him always as sometimes he cries when he cannot roll back.Because yesterday was a half day working day,I want to prepare the special lunch together with something special for him before my husband  comes home.Ah!This is what I came up with.I could prepare these few boxes within few minutes and he was happy with my silly idea to make him surprise!

What you need:
Chocolates or candy to fill the boxes
Few boxes of matches (empty)
Wrapping papers
Glue or a tape to stick
Ribbons or any other decorating materials
A scissor
Kids crafts with Boxes of Matches
Here is how to do:
Cut the paper into rectangles which is enough to wrap the boxes all way around.
Wrap the boxes and use a tape or glue to firm the wrap.
Decorate the boxes as you wish. I used some ribbons.
Fill the boxes with chocolates or any sweets. I used some heart shaped chocolates.
A cute edible gift is ready to share with someone you love during this Valentine's Day!
Enjoy & share the love! 
Valentine's Day Gifts with Boxes of Matches

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I do love your blog too and I'm following you back. Keep in touch!:)

  2. Lovely craft work Amy. I always like to make same in home.

  3. Wow cool idea,so creative cute boxes.

  4. wow fantastic home made gift boxes dear .. well done !! :)

  5. I am a paper junkie and these little lovelies caught my paper loving eye. So adorable. what a great idea. thanks for sharing. Visiting via "wine'd down wednesday' linkup


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