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Veggie Cups with Mustard Dip

Veggie Cups with Mustard Dip

I like these Veggie cups, because it is an easy & healthy appetizer. Also it suits as a vegetarian appetizer and good to prepare for a party or a small gathering. I used a mustard dip with colourful veggie cups; anyway the sauce can be changed as per the taste. Usually I prepare this for an evening as a healthy snack. Not only the vegetables mentioned in below recipe, I use some other veggies which can be eaten raw.
If it is a party or a gathering, I use small cups to keep the veggies as an individual serving cup, then it is easy to serve and it looks pretty!

Veggie Cups with Mustard Dip

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup spicy brown mustard sauce
 Salt and ground pepper
1 English cucumber, thinly sliced as sticks
2 red bell peppers cut into strips (remove seeds)
4 medium carrots cut into sticks
Wash and cut/slice veggies accordingly. To keep the veggies look fresh, simply cover the veggies with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap and keep in the fridge till you serve.
In a small bowl, mix   mayonnaise, and mustard together.
Season with salt and pepper as per taste.
Serve the dip with bell peppers, cucumber and carrots.
It is really easy!
Serve and enjoy! 
Veggie Cups with Mustard Dip

If you prepare it as a party appetizer in individual cups,
-put reasonable amount of the dip into each serving cup.
-then insert the veggies and arrange nicely.(as in photos)

Veggie Cups with Mustard Dip
How about you? Do you like vegetarian appetizers and snacks? I think they are healthier to consume more. What is your idea?Please comment below.
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  1. Superb looking veggie cups..I can finish them all. looks very colourful.

  2. Very healthy and colourful veggie cups......yumm

  3. Its simplicity yet its so alive with the colorful veggies and the anyone can make sauce.

  4. with some ranch i can finish them all......just to munch and make ourself sure this is also a kids party dish

  5. Such an amazing and genius idea! I can't believe this has never crossed my mind before, but seriously, this is perfect for parties! Especially for kids :)


  6. Healthy snack to munch on any time of the day; that too with a yummy dip. Love it.

  7. I love your blog

  8. such a good way to eat veggies, lovely!!!

  9. great idea.. Thanks for sharing..

  10. Hi Amila! I'm stopping in from Let's Get Real today. You have a wonderful idea here. The small size of the vegetables and the dip in the cup is a great idea for children's parties............we adults would like it as well. The mustard dip sounds really good. I'll have to try it this weekend.

  11. I like this Amila! Definitely pinning. Can use this as a snack for myself and the kids....

  12. What size cups did you use and where did you purchase them--I am having trouble finding clear plastic cups.

    1. sorry for the late reply as I was away from the blog for few weeks..I updated the blog post with a link to buy clear plastic cups


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