Friday, 28 December 2012

My Cookbook Project with Chef Duminda

I am in a new cookbook project with Chef Duminda!!
Chef Duminda is a Celebrity Chef from Sri Lanka.He is a TV presenter as well.Currently he is the Coordinator for Slow Food Youth Network in Sri Lanka and founding member for slow food Nuwaraeliya Convium.

Check this post about some of his Slow Food Activities.
Joining with his team also a real adventure for me. I never thought of achieving success as a Food Blogger because I started this blog just as a hobby.
Recently we had a discussion on publishing a cookbook. Chef Duminda as a celebrity, shares his recipes with us. On the other way, I share my recipes as a working professional or working wife. How do we combine this both ends? Can’t we, housewives cook restaurant style recipes?
Actually we need to give the idea that every housewife can cook dishes like a chef. We as Food Bloggers, try to do adventures in cooking. But some, they think that they cannot cook in a style. Our main idea is to share some recipes which anybody can try at home.
I will update you time to time with the details…..What is your idea? Do you think a cookbook of combination of a Celebrity Chef and a working wife like me would be a success??We try to meet ideas of two different ends into one cookbook!!!Please share your comments below to make this project a success!!
P.S. I really couldn’t visit my fellow blogger friends from few days. I really miss reading your posts. Pardon me, I will visit your blogs soon!!


  1. awesome.....when ideas from 2 worlds meet ....good luck on your book

  2. Congrats Amy, dear that's awesome...Good luck with ur project:)

  3. wow! Congrats Amy! good luck!

  4. Hi Amy, congratulation. Wish you all the best and prosperous in 2013.

  5. Congrats.. That's awesome! First time at your space..

    Happy New Year!

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  6. Awesome Amy.... That is a dream come true! All the best and wish you a very Happy New Year


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