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Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry)

Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry)

Saman curry or Sardine curry as we Sri Lankans call it commonly is a tinned fish curry. Mostly we use canned Mackerel for this curry. But same recipe can be used with any tinned fish. This Sri Lankan tinned Fish Curry is one of my favourites. It is easy to prepare & ready in few minutes.

Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry)

Hope you would like to try this Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Fish Curry.

Sri Lankan Canned Mackerel Curry (Tinned Fish Curry)

Ingredients (3-4 servings)

1 tin of fish (Canned Mackerel) (about 400g)
1 tomato sliced
3-4 Green chili or capsicum (sliced lengthwise)
2 tblspn Red chilly powder
1 tblspn raw curry powder
1 tblspn black pepper powder
¼ tspn turmeric powder
1 inch piece of cinnamon
1 tspn fenugreek seeds (ulu hal)
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 onion sliced
1 clove garlic
1 sprig curry leaf
Piece of rampe (pandan leaf) (optional)
4 cups water
Salt  to taste
2 tbspn cooking oil
½ cup thick coconut milk

Open the canned fish tin & separate the fish pieces on a plate. (Usually I don’t use the sauce or water in the tin)
Heat oil in a pan. When it is hot add mustard seeds. Once mustard seeds splutter, add onion. Then add garlic & curry leaves.
When onions are tender, add tomato pieces & fry until the mix become like a sauce. Then add red chili powder, curry powder, black pepper, and turmeric powder & fenugreek seeds into the sauce. Then add cinnamon stick, pandan leaf.Mix well.

Add fish pieces & fry for few minutes.
Add about ¼ cup of water & mix well.
Add coconut milk slowly keeping eye on the appearance. This fish curry looks delicious when the colour is red/brown. Add some water as per required gravy thickness.
Add the green chili or capsicum into the curry.
Simmer for another few minutes in very low flame. Adjust salt to taste.
Sri Lankan recipes-Sardine Curry

Serve hot with rice, bread or Sri Lankan Indi Appa (String Hoppers)

Usually I prefer this Sardine curry with Dhal and Pol sambola.This combination well goes with Rice or even with Bread.For me it is a perfect menu when I am busy,tired or even if I am lazy! :)

Any comment?
Sri Lankan Sardine Curry


  1. Hi there. This week's Food on Friday is all about curry! So it would be great if you linked this in. This is the link . Have a good week.

  2. Never tired any curry with tinned fish, fear of getting a bad smelly fish!
    But this looks real yumm, hope u checked out the award for you on the blog!

  3. Cool :D


  4. Clever gal to turn a canned food into a nice dish! Amy, thks for your entry in my Jyunka contest. U may wanna check this out too: Jyunka Hyaluvital Cream, Fortified With Caviar!

  5. Interesting one.. not cooked with tinned fish but I think I should try this recipe soon

  6. delectable and delicious..

  7. Mouthwatering here, such an inviting curry.

  8. wonderful blog post..You have made delicious dish from canned food.I never tried this recipe.But now,I will definitely try out.It really looks so yummy.Thanks for sharing recipe

  9. I was hungering for an authentic Sri Lankan Tin Mackerel curry and came across this. This is perfect. Hope you used only real Ceylon Cinnamon for this curry. :-) But this is delicious.

    1. thanks for the comment,yes I only use real Cinnamon for my cooking which is Ceylon Cinnamon.I cannot get the flavour I want from other Cinnomon...

  10. Well done Amy. I just made your recipe but didn't have all the ingredients but it still came out pretty good. I think the Ceylon Cinnamon really makes this dish very good.

  11. Interesting. I might need to try this, especially, since my husband is such a fish and curry man.

  12. I tried this recipe. And it came nicely. Thank you........

    1. thanks Chamara for leaving a comment.I am glad to hear that this came out well...


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