Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Indian Roti Recipe with All Purpose Flour (Indian Flat Bread)

This Indian Roti recipe is delicious with a spicy curry. These days I am much interested in exploring some roti recipes, as I want to find more easy ideas for breakfast & dinner. I found this Indian Roti recipe & tried .It is delicious & love the crispy taste.

Here is the recipe for Indian Flat Bread/Roti using All Purpose Flour.

Ingredients (for 3 roti)
 2 cups of All purpose flour /(Maida )
2 tsp of cooking oil or butter
¾  tsp Salt  (or to taste)
Water –as needed

First mix flour with 2 tsp oil.
Add salt, Then add water slowly and knead well until get a soft dough.
Make small balls from the dough.
Keep them aside for 20-30 minutes.
Apply some flour on a cutting board.
Then roll out the balls into thin circles.
Heat a non-stick pan & place the roti & cook both sides on medium flame

Serve hot with any curry of your choice. I found this goes well with a Sri Lankan style dhal curry.

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  1. No Indian meal in complete without this roti :)

  2. my son favourite anytime! Looks great

  3. love your recipe..looks great...

  4. Fabulous roti you made Amy. Lovely.

    today's recipe:

  5. Wonderful spread, such a fabulous roti.

  6. Never heard of Roit bread before. It looks alot like pita bread, but i am guessing it has a much different taste

  7. Perfectly made roti.. Love to have it anytime

  8. have you made cauliflower bread, if you have how do you do it.

    1. I havent post it yet...we need to stir fry cauliflower first and then mix it with the dough.This is how I know.Then flatten it and make the roti/bread....Anyway I will post the recipe in coming days...

  9. These are the same ingredients and instructions for making Mexican flour tortillas. If you want make them softer, just add a little more oil. Buen provecho!!!

    1. thank you for the comment and idea of adding oil...
      we have another type of roti which we immerse the dough in oil for few hours.That is really soft,but oily too...
      Adding of little oil is a great idea,i guess it is more healthier than immersing in oil...

  10. Its delicious. I have tried it and its so yummy.


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