Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to fix too much salt?

Too much salt, how to fix?

There are times we over salt dishes. Here I gathered some tips on how to fix a dish with too much salt.

Basically here are few tips which can be used in a recipe as per its taste.

1) Add a little sugar as per the recipe. But don’t end up sweetening it too much.

2) If it is a soup, stew or curry; slice a raw potato. Add it to the soup, stew or curry. Potato slices will absorb the salt. Later remove the potato slices.

3) Add some tomato depending on the recipe you’ve made.

4) Prepare another batch of same without salt. Later mix both together & keep refrigerated half of it for later use.

5) Another method is, add some yogurt into your soup or curry. Remember, the tip has to be selected according to the recipe.

What are the household tips you know to fix excess salt? Please share them below as a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, Amy..this will be handy.

  2. Hiya, you run such a terrific domain, couldn't help commenting on this one! Also I would like to know one thing. Is it a paid blog theme that you purchase or you used a regular one?

    1. hi,thanks for the comment....Blog theme is a regular one,and I have done changes to fonts etc...Hope it looks nice...

  3. Add one ball of wheat dough in the food , give one boil and keep it in the food for some time. After sometime you'll observe that the dough has absorbed some salt and some masala. Remove dat dough and serve. Also note that the dough will absorbe only some bit of salt :)


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