Wednesday, 11 January 2012

World Spice Food Festival & Announcing a new event 'Hot & Spicy Treats'

Sri Lanka is famous around the world for its best quality spices other than its tea. We proudly export our best quality spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg etc etc to most of the countries in the world & proud to say still we are able to maintain the quality & demand of the products.

World Spice Food Festival is an annual event happening in Sri Lanka, organized by Sri Lanka Tourism Board. It is an event which most of the signature chefs get together & share their magical talents with others. Last year it was held on October-November for the 6th time since 2005. Famous Chefs from countries such as, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Vietnam, South Africa, Philippine, China, Korea etc., was participated to reveal their culinary skills.

With the proud of having such a successful event in Sri Lanka to gather most of master chefs from around the world, I thought of initiating a Monthly event named ‘Hot & Spicy Treats’ to share spicy & savory food.

Therefore ‘Hot & Spicy Treats’ is the new event from Food Corner. After several rounds, I thought now it is time to end up ‘Food of the Month’ event.

I hope you will join with this new event with Hot & spicy treats related with monthly theme.

Here are the rules for the event.

1) Event duration 11th January – 29th February

2) This month theme –Curry/Stew. Any hot, sour, spicy treats(curry/stew) are accepted.

3) Link any no of veg or non veg posts using the link tool provided.

4) A link to this event announcement is mandatory & usage of logo is highly appreciated.

5) Entries should be posted during the event period.Archieved entries can be linked if they are re-posted & updated with a link to this announcement.

6) Recipes in facebook pages can be easily linked using the link tool provided. If any trouble, email me to

7) During the round up, I will feature few recipes from different parts of the world. Therefore don’t forget to mention the country or province of origin of your dish where possible.

Hope to see a good collection of entries from you.

I cant wait until I see your entries!!

Enjoy this event!!

Have a nice day!!


After linked your entry, (Not mandatory),

 *Leave me a comment if you become a follower of Food Corner, so I can follow you back.
**Leave a link if you host any event in your Blog, I would like to participate as now I am bit selective with monthly events. :)

***Once roundup is posted,I will send you a reminder email to check the post,but if you don't like to recive it,kindly let me know.


  1. lovely theme....will send the entries soon

  2. A very unique concept and great thought. Will send in my entries too.

  3. Will be surely sending in my curries. Lovely event.

  4. Wish you a very happy new year Amy!

  5. amy, will send recipes soon....

  6. Love the theme!!

    Following on Twitter --> @LittleLadyCook & @operationeatery

  7. love the theme. happy hosting.

  8. nice event will send my recipes


  9. I'm glad to take part in this event and i have already added my entries :) Great going :)

    please do follow my blog and post your valuable comments...

    Art Blog:
    Food Blog:

  10. lovely event..will try n send in some entries..

    Erivum Puliyum

  11. Nice event. Thanks !!!

    Please check out my blog...

  12. linked an entry. please do participate in my DESSERTS event too

  13. Hi.. linked my entry.. happy hosting :)

  14. Hi..

    Nice event.. Have linked in my entry..
    Will try to send more entries..
    Happy Hosting!!

    Spill the Spices

  15. Hi Amy,

    have sent in one more - the corn meal idiyappam, a keralite breakfast, but with a difference. made of corn meal rather than typical rice flour.

  16. This is such a lovely theme - enjoyed it very much:)Have linked up four of the spiciest recipes at my place.Hope you'll enjoy them!

  17. Happy to link me entries for this Unique Event. Happy hosting!.

  18. I have linked my entry..happy hosting!! :)

  19. Great theme for an event and good to know about the spice food festival in Srilanka... I've send in my entries.

  20. Nice event, and wud love to try some Srilankan vegetarian food, linked my entry and following U, do stop by my space..

  21. Hi, have linked in another curry, okra and baby corn, following U..

  22. hi dear, linked one entry..:)

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  23. Hi, linked in another one, Mushroom And Potato Curry..

  24. Wonderful entries! Linking my Drumstick and Raw Mango recipe. South Indian (Kerala) cuisine.

    Chef Al dente: on going event Gimme GREEN!


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