Monday, 9 January 2012

Have you ever experienced this? :)

Have you ever experienced this type of things after you have started your Food Blog? Few days I thought of writing a Blog post about these comments which I enjoy & sometimes I get irritate. :)

My husband is the tester & taster of almost all my dishes. I know these comments are not his true feelings, but he tries to make me angry with same comments everyday. I know he enjoys making me irritating.

I really enjoy these comments & incidents. I am sure you all also have similar type of incidents at your home.

Here are the most common everyday comments & incidents from my husband .With the Blog, his comments to me also have changed.

  1. If I am alone at home, he calls me & asks me not to ‘cook online’. Oops earlier he used to say ‘I will come soon, stay safe’ :)

  1. When I show him comments I have received for my Blog posts/recipes; he says ‘Ah I am the poor person to eat all these, they don’t know about the taste as me....Aghh I don’t like that comment. :(
  1. After I prepared & arranged the dish for the photograph, he comes & takes a scoop/piece from the dish. If it is a curry, he likes to do that in a way that curry spreads all over the dish. Then I need to re arrange it for the photograph. :))

  1. If I cook something new, I like to keep the best & nice looking portion for the photograph. :) He likes to eat that portion before the photograph!!  
  1. If I am so silent in the kitchen, he knows I do something special. He is very curious to know about it. But I try to hide it from him. :)

  1. After I have finished cooking, he asks ‘Do I have permission to eat? Have you finished taking all photographs???? O_O
  1. When he comes home after office, his first question is ‘Have you finished cooking & photographing? I am so hungry. Before I start the Blog, he only said ‘I am hungry’. Blog has changed his talking!! :)

  1. Sometimes he helps me in kitchen if I am late at office. But when I ask how you prepared this, he never says how. Instead he laughs & says,’ it is my secret recipe, if I tell you; you will publish it in your Blog as of yours!! :)

  1. When we go to buy things & if I try to go to the kitchen items section, he suddenly finds that we are running out of time. For every item I select, he says ‘not beautiful’ or ‘not worth’ & asks me to check for another one. He says ‘you can buy more worth & nice one in next store’!!

  1. There are so many comments & reactions I enjoy, but last not least is…..His latest complain/comment is that I cook for the Blog, not for him!! But actually I cook for him. Seems now he is jealous with the Blog!!  :)

Hope you enjoyed this post same as me…How about the comments you recieve from the family members?? :)


  1. enjoyable post.....i think so the same happens in each house....wht ur husband is telling the same thing is here too....when my husband comes from office he will be very hungry, first few days,he used get angry (but not showed out) when i waits him for long time at the table to take the clicks...but now he tells me, finished taking the finish it fast...
    the same thing if he prepare something i have t6o go on behind him to get the recipe still he will tell that there is one more ingredient that is secret....
    He too tells....i am experimenting on him and kids
    like wise...all comes the same....
    I think so the husbands all r same....he enjoys doing any thing wht irritates me.....
    Ithink so it wont finish....this is really lovely post

  2. haha.. nice post! My brother says the same to me! He feels I make him eat all delicious goodies only so that I'll get dishes to post on my blog! :)

  3. cute post...point no 6 applies to me as well :)

  4. :-) Too good. Very enjoyable post. But I have a very opposite experience. Whenever I cook, my wife and mom, both helps me a lot in cooking and taking photographs. So I am very lucky!!! But point no. 3 & 4 very well applies to me as my 2+ years old son does that...

  5. really nice post. had a good laugh... yes, many things in different combinations happen in my house as well. will post in my blog in detail. looking at your post wants me to write something like this :-)

  6. I really laughed as I read some of the points. :) And yes, I have received similar comments. As much as I found your points funny, I feel extremely disheartened when family members pass such comments. :(

  7. All Blog families go through this, I guess. I started taking pictures after they eat their share. I keep my share of food for the pictures, now. But my folks have been very supportive for the blog. Mr. Ash encourages me by comenting that I need more pictures on my blog.
    Love Ash.

  8. i have always thot that the family members of those who blog have to be very patient till the chef finishes cooking and plating and photographing......but they forget that in the end it is the inspiration and motivation due to the blog that they get to eat so many goodies frequently :)

  9. ha ha..nice and cute post..


  10. Glad that I am not the only one suffering. Love you girls for telling me that I am not the only one who goes through this.
    Whew what a relief.We are normal.:)

  11. Ha Ha Ha! Loved reading your post. I guess it happens with most food bloggers except those whose husbands are equally passionate about food and photography. My husband thinks I have lost all my marbles ever since I have started my food blog :-D I think blog, I sleep blog, I eat (well not literally) blog & what not! its blog blog blog!!!

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  14. Loved this post. hee hee, people do leave such funny comments!

  15. great post!! Thanks for the comment on my site ( am following you now as well!

  16. fantastic post Amy..
    the last comment you cook for blog & not for us ...happens in my sweet home too & my DH and kids will finish off the plate , before I get my hands on it..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  17. My Husband doesn't like sweets and that is all I make for my blog, he doesn't make comments or eat my goods. I do wish he could taste test for me, though!!

  18. I can SO relate!!! I think all us bloggers with spouses can relate to your post. My hubby recently has been telling me to blog about a food if he doesn't like it. He knows I don't usually cook the same thing again after I blog...he thinks he is so humorous :)

  19. very nice hubby has inspired me to start blogging...but he loses his patience, when I spend time taking snaps before he could eat it. And my 2 year old always comes and puts her fingers in the dish while im taking snaps :-)


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