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Sri Lankan Grated Carrot Salad with Lettuce & Tomatoes

How to make carrot sambal

In Sri Lankan Cuisine we have a quite number of recipes to eat fresh veggie & fruits. This grated carrot salad aka carrot sambal is also a popular Sri Lankan dish. It is very easy to make & simple.Just grate fresh carrot,mix it with sliced onion,green chili and fresh coconut.Adjust salt and pepper together with lime juice.You'll have a delicious Sri Lankan style carrot salad/carrot sambal.

This is one of favourite dishes at our home.As it is healthy and also tasty,I frequently make this salad.This time,I used some lettuce, cherry tomatoes & grapes to garnish this salad.

Sri Lankan Grated Carrot Salad

Here is the recipe for carrot sambal/Carrot salad.

Ingredients (For 2-3 servings)

For the salad
1 large size carrot
1-2 green chilies sliced
1 onion sliced
Salt & pepper according to taste
Juice of a half lime or according to taste
½ cup of fresh grated coconut.

For Garnishing
Few cherry tomatoes (can use tomato slices instead)
Few grapes

Wash, peel & grate carrot.
It is better to mix the salad just before the meal.
Add green chilies, sliced onion, salt, pepper & grated coconut to it.
Add the lime juice & mix well.
Check for salt & pepper & adjust if required.
Now the basic carrot salad is ready to serve.

How to make Sri Lankan carrot sambal
How to make carrot sambal

As this is Christmas season, I thought of garnishing it with Christmas theme. I used a leaf of lettuce as a Christmas tree on the middle of the dish.
Then decorated with cherry tomatoes & grapes.

Sri Lankan salads

Oops this was a quick dish during last weekend. Do you see the Christmas tree? :)

Anyway this is a suitable dish for any festive Sri Lankan lunch or when few guests visit home. (With other dishes)

So I am going to share this with few ongoing events.

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  1. Great colors n pretty Xmas tree! :)

  2. Nice and healthy salad. Beautiful presentation too. I liked it.

  3. Yum luking healthy and delish salad.Luv it

  4. This looks delicious thanks for sending it to event.

  5. very colourful... healthy and delicious..

  6. healthy salad.......colorful n atrractive

  7. Lovely presentation and colourful salad.

  8. Colourful salad,the christmas tree looks good :)

  9. I loved the lettuce tree...
    The salad looks so well done and healthy!! :)

  10. Very healthy salad with a lovely presentation..

  11. wow.. love those colors on the plate! :)
    thanks so much for linking to my event!

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment

    Ongoing events:
    Jingle All The Way &
    Microwave Easy Cooking

  12. The salad sounds very interesting,will love to make it.Not one of those salad preparations that use a hundred ingredients,or rather exotic,difficult-to-find vegetables.Hehe.
    Thank you for sharing,I am noting down/bookmarking this recipe.:-)
    P.S. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!:-)


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