Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lawariya (Stuffed String Hoppers from Sri Lanka)

Lawariya is a Sri Lankan traditional sweet & it is suitable for tea time. This is a kind of stuffed string hoppers (indi appa) & this is very easy to cook if you know how to prepare string hoppers. (Check here for string hoppers recipe)

Here is my way of preparing ‘Lawariya’.

Ingredients( for 4 nos Lawariya)

½ cups Roasted rice flour (String hoppers flour)
½ cup fresh grated coconut
3-4 tbspn sugar (jaggery is more better, but I used some brown sugar)
Boiling water (after the steam goes away)

Special Utensil
String hopper mould


First heat a pan. When it is hot add sugar & coconut together & make it a fine mix. Adjust sugar according to your taste.

Roast the flour well and sieve it into a bowl. Add a little salt to flour.
(or use some instant Indi appa flour which you can by from a stall)
Then slowly add enough boiling water (but after the steam go out) to make a soft but not sticky dough.

Fill string-hopper mould with dough.
Squeeze the dough on to a polythene wrap as shown below in round shape. But bit bigger than the normal size of string-hoppers.

Put a scoop of prepared coconut mix on it.

Wrap it as shown below.

Then steam until it cooks well. (About 5-7 minutes).

Remove from the steamer.

Serve & enjoy!!

Sending to the event 'Flavours of Sri Lanka' started by Nayna.

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  1. We call this Idiappam in Kerala. We usually don't add sugar while making this, but sometimes serve it with sweetened coconut milk or even with spicy curries.

  2. Love this and looks so gud ..nice stuffing

  3. String hoppers r our family fav...luved this version...superb

  4. Yummy stuffed Stringhopers Amy.Awesome !.

  5. Interesting recipe,I think i have this dish one time ,i don't expected sweet at the time,but when I try it was yummy is very similar :)

  6. Hi, I was looking at your blog. You have some amazing recipes. I am from Kerala and I haev a friend from Srilanka. She keeps telling me about how similar my cooking and Srilankan cooking are. The Srilankan recipes in your blog made me feel like i am browsing a list of kerala recipes. Both cultures must have learnt a lot from each other. Happy to follow you.

  7. superb!! i love the idea of stuffing in it!! will surely try some time :)

  8. absolutely delicious one...would like to give a try...looks more tempting, thanks for sharing!!
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  9. Thats a super delicious stuffed string hoppers,feel like having rite now.

  10. wow... fabulous recipe... thanks for sharing..

  11. Yummy yum...!!!!!
    Mouth watering snack,Amy...

  12. Wow! thatz a delicious recipe..I always love string hoppers..you have a lovely space..happy to follow you..drop in at my blog too..

  13. Very creaetive, Amy. I have never heard of this. Thanks for posting this.

  14. wow, these look fabulous, very yummy recipe..

  15. Thanks a lot friends..This is very easy to make snack for tea time...


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