Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bread Baskets

I found this recipe last Saturday from Recipe Lion & wanted to try it for tea time as an evening snack. It was very easy to prepare & a good way to use some bread slices left from morning.Anyway my recipe is adapted from the original recipe & with some changes in ingredients.

Ingredients (for 6 bread Baskets)

6 slices of bread
Few sliced red bell pepper
Few sliced green bell pepper
Few sliced tomato
Shredded Cheese
Salt pepper to taste

First allow to pre heat oven for 400F.
Remove the edges of the bread.
Apply butter on bread.
Arrange the bread slices on cupcake baking pan. Keep the butter applied side as outside of the basket.
Now there is a space in bread basket.
Fill the baskets with mixed red, green bell pepper & tomato slices. Sprinkle some salt & pepper as per choice.

Top with shredded cheese (Treat the bread basket as a pizza base & use a mix of your choice to fill together with cheese)

Bake in 400F for 15-20 minutes.
Now it is ready to serve.

I used some cupcake cups to serve as it gives some finishing appearence. :)


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  1. nice snack and a easy way to use up bread slices

  2. Perfect for kids or party ...nice one

  3. They look so lovely!! Nice presentation dear..

  4. Soooooo easy and delicious..

  5. That's a wonderful snack...Looks good.

  6. Hey wow this one is a winner for kiddos breakfast. Thanks.

  7. Definitely a crowd pleaser,cute bread basket..

  8. Amy those are so cute and look so tasty!

  9. Nice recipe. I sometimes prepare the similar thing using puff pastry. But I am sure this is the healthy way.

  10. Quick and delicious..love it

  11. Hi thanks for this lovely entry its very colourful, pls change the event name to lets cook for Christmas red and green event (not red and yellow event)

  12. Wow!! Looks so wonderful. Following u

  13. Great idea!! Looks so colourful & healthy !!

  14. Thanks a lot friends,it was very easier to prepare & interesting too...
    @simply.food,I changed the event name,I think I have typed wrongly,sorry.

  15. Wow..cute baskets..I too prepared a similar one using puff pastry sheets..will post soon!!
    Thanx for sending it to my event..
    Ongoing Event -Christmas Delicacy (15 Nov-31 Dec 2011)
    Erivum Puliyum

  16. hi amy, great way to eat bread, unlike the normal sandwich.. fun once in a while

  17. cute looking baskets...interesting way to use breads...thank you so much for sending it to my event..

    Spicy Treats
    Ongoing Event : Bake Fest # 2
    Do participate in My 300th Post Giveaway

  18. I love how simple this is! Very good for an appetizer party, thanks!

  19. Interesting way of serving bread. Thanks for linking it to the event. Thought I had been following you but seems I had not. Now done.

  20. I loved this innovative way of making mini muffin pizzas... :)

  21. Simple and just perfect. Great evening snack along with a cup of tea!!


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