Thursday, 8 December 2011

Be careful from this blog

Finally he removed all posts copied from my posts & commented in my facebook page saying he removed.

Thanks a lot friends.If you all not gathered here,he will never remove them.- 09/12/2011

Dear friends,

Here is a quick mention, please be careful with this blog.

He has copy pasted my recipes (word to word) & now it has become his property.
I asked him to remove them on Monday & also on Tuesday.
Instead he has removed my comments & has banned me commenting in his facebook page…

Yesterday I sent him a message through facebook as the final chance before publishing this post.He didn’t reply to it or remove my content. Instead keep posting in this Food Group which I am the admin. 

That means he knows what he does is wrong…..

Here are his posts,

Here are my original posts,

I like when anybody share my posts, we do that in recipe roundups or via facebook pages.

 But not as our property. We always mention or back link to the page owner. That is a good etiquette.

 Still my writings are mine…. I don’t like his reaction of continuing ‘copy blogging’ after I mentioned his mistake.

Just mentioned to all of you to be careful….


  1. I am so sorry, that is just terrible! How did you find out?

  2. He posts in my food group,once posted a link about 'Sri Lankan Food' & I checked the site...its a my post... :)

  3. Amy I am so sorry that happened. Things like that happened to me with a couple of my tutorials, so now I use Picnik and put my blog name in all my pictures. It takes extra time editing your photos but its worth it because it is much harder for these peeople to edit the photos to remove your name. Feel free to email me if you want more info. And as annoying as it is, be a little bit flattered, your recipes are awesome :)

  4. its real shocking Amy n such a shameful act on can complaint in google forum about that blog..
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Since he is using a free site provided by Blogger, you should consider reporting him to them. Here's how:

  6. Thanks friends,I am going to report him today,even I reported his page...

  7. That blog sucks Amy!! I commented on one of the posts he plagerized... Going to comment on more now.. I am using the name Ashley tho lol :)

  8. So sorry to hear that you were plagiarized. What an unpleasant experience! Just wanted to give you a link to an article that you might find helpful. What he's doing is definitely not within the law.

    Good luck!

  9. I am so sorry that happened to you. That really sucks big time. Thanks for the heads up Amy.

  10. I'm so sorry is happened to you,can't believe people just steal like that,I hope google do something about it.after you report them.

  11. If you have reported then dont worry. his page will be banned as soon as possible once the authorties finds out!! what a sleazy way of him to copy like that!!!

  12. I am really shocked he had the audacity to copy your posts and pictures and then invite you over there to have a look.

  13. Amy, I so shocked. Some people have no basic manners or respect for others. How dreadful.

  14. HI Amy,
    Am very sorry to hear what has happened with you. IT simply hurts when people steal your work or name or even good deeds..been there done that....the link is not working now, so rest assured that either it has been taken care of or the blogger is hiding...I have enabled the right click option on my site. If anyone needs any info drop me a comment and I will gladly help you out.
    Lots of healing hugs and love your way

  15. Hi Amy,

    Sorry about this. I tried his links (from your post) today, but none of them work. May be he finally took it down. Do check it.

  16. How awful for you. Nasty to think that others are trying to make hay from your hard work.

  17. Thanks for the info Amy, will keep a watch out for this person! Hope you can do something to get him to stop!

  18. Finally he removed all posts copied from my posts & commented in my facebook page saying he removed.

    Thanks a lot friends.If you all not gathered here,he will never remove them.- 09/12/2011

  19. hi Amy
    these things are very upsetting when I see people copying and even taking formats and ideas it makes me very angry
    what is the point of all these people blogging about things by copying this takes the fun out of it. it is hard to find out where they took it from glad you saw

  20. This is plagarism. Report it to blogger and cyber security. This is wrong...


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