Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rabu Stir-Fried (White Radish Stir-Fried)

In Sri Lanka we can buy white radish with leaves. I like it when cooked with leaves. Unfortunately Radish we buy in Singapore is without leaves. But few days ago I could buy radish with leaves from an Indian shop. So I can happily share my recipe here.

In Sri Lanka we have few methods of cooking Radish. This Radish Stir fry is one of simple recipe. This is really tasty once served with rice.

Ingredients (3-4 servings)

2-3 medium size white radish (Rabu)
1 onion sliced
1 tsp chili powder
1-2 dry red chilies cut into pieces(according to taste)
1 tbs curry powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
Piece of cinnamon stick
Curry leaves
Piece of a pandan leaf (rampe) (optional)
2-3 tbspn Oil
Salt to taste

Wash, peel & slice radish.

Put sliced radish into saltish water while slicing. This is to avoid the bitter or strong taste of it.

After sliced, squeeze radish & drain water well

Mix all powdered ingredients above & keep aside.

Heat about 1-2 tbspn oil in a pan.
When it is hot, add mustard seeds.
When it is pop out, add fenugreek seeds.
Then add onion,dry red chilli

Once onions are tender, add radish mix & curry leaves/rampe. Mix well.
Cover & cook for about 3 minutes.
Stir well not to burn it. Add some more oil if needed.
Adjust salt to taste.
Cook until radish is soft.

Enjoy with rice & other curries.


  1. Quick and delicious stir fry..

  2. This looks absolutely yummy! I have never cooked with radishes as the main ingredient. Now I'm going to definitely try it. : )

  3. Healthy and quick stir fry,yum

  4. Delicious n healthy stir fry..yum yum!!

  5. I love radish with leaves...But have not found one since long....Love your version...

  6. easy to cook and delicious..

  7. simple and healthy yummy recipe,thanks for sharing.

  8. The addition of pandan leaves is interesting! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoyed browsing thru' :)

  9. Thanks friends...Love all these comments....

  10. &@ DV,we cannot cook without Pandan leaves.:) Same as curry leaves,we add about 1-2 inch piece to our curries & even to plain rice...

  11. hi, can you share with me where did you get the radish leaves from?? where is the location of the indian shop, is it in little india? much tks for your help.

  12. The shop I buy is at Ang Mo kio Avenue 10.There is a McDonalds nearby as a land mark & shops are near to the hawker centres.....If not,there are shops in little India & we can buy this variety of raddish.....Hope you will enjoy the dish....


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