Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bento #3 - Flower bed with Egg Sheets

This is my 3rd Bento & it is tried with Egg sheets.
Here is a tutorial of how to make egg sheets. I followed it, but may be my method is  slightly different from the tutorial.
I whisked an egg together with 1 tspn corn flour .I have a small circular shaped non-stick pan which I mostly use for egg omlette.I just applied some oil on it.
Then I strained the egg mixture on to the pan.
Cooked the egg in a very low flame.
After it is cooked, turned the egg sheet to the other side & switch off the flame. The heat of the pan was enough to cook the  other side of the egg sheet.

Cookie cutters were helpful for me to make these flowers.

For the bento box, I used white rice, but I make it as a very thin layer inside the meal box.
Using carrots, egg sheet flowers, pomegranate seeds, spring onion leaves, some kind of lettuce & also a piece of rectangle shaped egg sheet were used to decorate the box as a flower bed.

Few pieces of water melon & grapes were used in another small box.

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(Below is screen capture as at 30 / 09/2012)

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  1. What a creativity you have!!! hats off to you!!!

  2. wow.. very creative... fabulous pics..

  3. PERFECT! Great job. I *LOVE* Egg Sheets so much! I even froze the parts and I didn't use and it defrosted OK today. Thanks for trying it out and participating at Bento Blog Network!!

  4. Amy that's a lovely idea. Very creative. Kids will love it.

  5. So creative & healthy - YUM! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)


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