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Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)

Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)
Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)

Pol Roti is one of traditional food from Sri Lanka. It is a kind of roti cooked with fresh coconut (pol).& all-purpose flour.We eat Pol roti mostly as our breakfast.But it is good for dinner too.
In Sri Lanka we eat with Sri Lankan Chili paste(lunu miris) or any spicy curry.
Adding some green chili & onion gives extra taste for it.

Pol Roti
Here is my recipe

Ingredients (4 nos)

2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 onion sliced
1-2 green chili sliced
1 sprig of curry leaves sliced
2 tbspn butter
Salt to taste (about ½ tspn)
Water (about ½ cup)


Slice onion, green chili & curry leaf.

In a bowl, mix onion, green chilly, curry leaf with flour, butter & grated coconut.
Add some salt too

After mixing the ingredients, gradually add water & make this into a dough.

Make small balls from the dough.

How to make Sri Lankan Pol Roti

Spread some flour on a chopping board or a plate, and flatten this small ball of dough to a round flat shape (Roti shape).You can use a cutter if you want it in a nice round shape.

Heat a flat pan.
Then place this flatten roti on it.

Cook it for few minutes turning both sides until both sides get slightly roasted.
No need of adding oil to the pan as we have mixed butter to the dough.

How to make Sri Lankan Pol Roti (Coconut Roti/Sri Lankan Flat Bread)
It is ready to serve once the both sides get slightly roasted & brown.
Continue the same procedure with remaining dough.

Serve with chili paste (Sri Lankan Lunu Miris) or any spicy curry.


  1. lovely recipe we make something very similar but use rice flour and pat it in a pan with hands and use oil.....its divine . happily following you now :)))

    turmericnspice -

  2. Wow,this roti is new to me.Pol roti looks delicious.Will definitely try it soon.

  3. Okay.... you've got me wiping the drool off my chin now! I love pol roti and your sides are making me even hungrier!!

  4. What a coincidence,Amy,I was trying to post about pol roti too but didn't get around to making and photographing it.Your's look delicious.Adding butter is new to me.

  5. Yummy platter n delicious flavors in pol to me,Thanx for sharing!

  6. Thanks friends for all these nice comments...
    Hope you all try it out!!
    @turmericnspice -Some they use to flat in the pan & use oil too.But I use this method.Once I tried with rice flour too.It is tasty
    @Love and other Spices :This is my 3rd set of photographs.Always I missed posting Pol Roti & finally did.Hope to see yours soon.

  7. Came across this for the first time... thanks a lot for sharing this recipe..

  8. Never tried it with just flour. Have tried it with a mix of flours like besan, rice, maida, rava etc. Nice one . Bookmarked
    Hosting an event which I am calling Back to our Roots Also hosting for Nov’11 Veggie Food for the Month_Raw Banana.

  9. Clicked in here from Priya's blog and loved your recipes . This would be my favorite as i have never tried coconut in rotis.

  10. Love the Rotis. I added Maldive Fish flakes. Needs more salt. Love it love it. Need to double the recipe next time.

    1. Glad to hear that it came out well...thanks for the idea of adding Maldive fish flakes,I'll try that too....


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