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Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood Fried Rice

Being fried rice is one of our favorite dishes, I have many varieties of it to post. One of the reasons that we like it is, it is tasty & easy to prepare. This dish is very helpful for me when I have to work late in office or even when I am too tired to cook many things. Also I can use my left over rice easily.

Seafood Fried Rice

For sea food fried rice, we need some seafood such as Prawns,squid, cuttle fish etc

Here is my recipe of making fried rice.

Seafood Fried Rice

Ingredients (For 2 portions)

2 cups of cooked rice
1 cup of mixed vegetables chopped (carrot, beans, green peas, spring onion etc)
About 1 cup of seafood (Cleaned prawns, shrimps,squid, cuttle fish)
1 onion sliced
Butter or vegetable oil
1 tbspn Soy sauce
1 tbspn Oyster sauce
1 egg beated


Heat 2 tbspn butter/oil in a pan, once it starts smoking; Add onion & sauté.
When the onions are tender, add the sea food mix & sauté for few minutes.

Then add the mixed vegetable and mix well.
Once the vegetables are slightly cooked, make the mix to side of the pan. Then add the beated egg to the other side. Use the higher flame.
Scramble the egg.
Once the egg is scrambled, mix all seafood & veggie together with egg.
Now add rice. Mix well
Add soy sauce & Oyster sauce.
Allow to fry for about 5 minutes, but keep stirring.
Fried rice is ready to serve.

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  1. MY two favorite,Rice and seafood,they always great together,especially on fried rice,,,YUMMY.

  2. Yumm seafood rice on display dear.Luv ur blogg of yumm recipes.Glad to follow u.

  3. yummy fried rice..with prawns!!

  4. This looks delicous!! I love shrimp fried rice. I think I would need a bigger bowl for my portion. :) Thanks Amy for also coming and supporting Curry and Comfort for the Foodbuzz nomination! You're terrific!

  5. fried rice looks delicious ........

  6. Thanks all for these nice comments....

  7. healthy and delicious friedrice..

  8. Hi Amy, first time here...ooooh! I just love prawns in my fried rice....I loved my time in this wonderful space.

  9. Sea food has their own taste. Good stuff dude. Fresh Sea food have their own taste.

    Freshwater fish

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  11. you are very good in cooking stuff i guess. I think you should visit the Dhow cruise Dubai for getting to know about the large number of International dishes.


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