Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Fried Instant Noodles with Mixed vegetables

Do you like instant noodles? Most of us like it because it is instant.
Anyway I do not use the sachet inside it. As I know it contains MSG which is not good for health.

Why don’t we spend another 4-5 minutes & prepare a tasty & healthy dish without using any flavoured pack?

Here is my way of preparing instant noodles.

Ingredients (For 2 servings)

2 packs of instant noodles
1 cup of sliced mixed vegetables (carrot,leek,spring onion,bell pepper,cabbage etc)
Cooking oil about 2 tbspn
Water to cook noodles
Salt & pepper to taste


Allow water to boil in a pan.
Then cook the noodles as per instructions in the packet.
Drain it & keep aside.
Heat 2 tbspn oil in a pan,once it is hot add the vegeatable mix.
Sauté for few minutes until cooked.

Add some salt & pepper too.
Mix well.
Then add the cooked noodles & mix well.
It is ready to serve.

I can’t say it is cooked within 2 minutes as instant noodles do.
But this dish is ready within less than 10 minutes.

Now I am sharing this with the event 'Fast Food but not Fat food' started by Priya & Guest hosting by Archana.Because instant noodles is always leading the fast food,but better if we can prepare it in a healthy way.


  1. I love to dress up instant noodles. I call them ramen noodles. I must confess... I haven't read the label and do use the flavor packet sometimes. I know better for next time. Thanks for the info. :)

  2. Thi is my kind of instant food!! yumm! i get a tummy upset with most sachets.. coz dont now how old they are anyway.. so its all from scratch for us too!

    Thanks for dropping by the blog!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog
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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.. :) noodles look delicious.. will try participating in your event..

  4. Thnx for stopping by...noodles looks yummy...BTW , i do not see you in my followers list and not able to join you either ....

  5. ..can b enjoyed by kids to adults...looks very tempting..mmmmm
    First time here...enjoyed my stay with a visual treat...thumps up!!!
    Do drop by as time permits...ur happy follower..wil hop over more often...

  6. hi amy, with all the extra ingredients you put, your instant noodle sure taste delicious! haaa can eat this twice a week :)

  7. hi amy, this looks yummy, putting grated coconuts is a new recipe to me...would be good to try out.
    congrats, I have an award with a good link for you. please come over and collect ok.
    I have disabled copy on my blog contents. You can do a right click on the award pic and then click SAVE AS…, it will be downloaded..
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  8. Oh my goodness, this looks so yummy! And FRESH! I would be honored if you would consider sharing it at the Recipe of the Week#2 PASTA. This would be an amazing addition. Come check out the details. If you have any other noddle/pasta recipes you would like to share, please do! You can post until Wed :) Then we vote & have a random gift card giveaway. Hope you come join the fun!


    PS. great bento this week at Bento Blog Network!

  9. thanks for sharing yummy post...

  10. oh great blogging....your blog is very impressive thanks for sharing such a great yummy post...Keep blogging...!!!


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