Thursday, 13 October 2011

Food of the Month - Contest

‘Food of the Month’ contest was started in June 2011, and we have completed few rounds successfully.

Even we had few rounds of ‘Food of the Week’ contests to select qualified pictures to the final round.

I am really happy with all of your participation & I never expected this much support from you all at the time of starting. Even I was very new to this blogging world.

I thought of doing some changes to the contest rules. Nothing much. Basically,we do not have‘Food of the Week’ contests. All the submission will go to the Month end contest.

I thought of having a simple theme for the contest. Anyway I will select the theme in a way everybody can participate easily.

Above  are the few changes to our contest.

Other general rules are as below.

1. How to Enter: 
Simply post a photo of a food (matching with the theme) to ‘Food corner’ page wall or email to  with following details.

Name of the dish:
Your name or your Blog/page name:
Link/URL for the recipe:

Then I will upload to the album & it will be opened for votes.(votes will be counted from the competition album only)

Pl Check our page wall or Contest-Food of the Month page in our Blog for the ongoing event details.
After that I will publish the album at once.
Voting is via face book page, you can add ‘like’ as a vote

2.Theme for this month

Pl Check our page wall or Contest-Food of the Month page in our Blog for the ongoing event details.

3. Number of Entries: 
You can add up to 3nos of photos

 4. How to win: 
The photo which gets most ‘like’s will be the ‘Food of the Month’.
We will select 5 winners.

 5. Closing date: 

Check our page wall or Contest page in our Blog for the ongoing event details.

6. Award

Actually no monetary value awards yet. (Hope to do in future :) )
But you will gain publicity, recognition and excitement for your work.
Of course you will be featured in my Blog or Face book page with a back link to your Blog or page if any.
And this is the good way to meet foodie friends.

 7. Other Rules:
By submitting a photo, it is assumed that you agree to publish your name in the page wall if you won.
By submitting a photo, it is assumed that I have permission to upload the  photos in my Blog & page, But with your/your Blog/your page name

Hope you all will join to the competition!!!

And make this event fun full & successful!!



  1. HI Amy! I am very excited to participate in the the contest. You have a lot of fans on your page and it would be a great prize just to have some advertising from your facebook group. Thanks for the opportunity. ~ Ramona

  2. lovely n exciting contest..will send in my entries too,Amy!!

  3. i missed it all these months :-( will send some

  4. wow, that sounds like a good event. I am going to check more details on it.

  5. thanks a lot.This is always a fun event we had in facebook.Looking forward to see your entries...

  6. wow...sounds interesting Amy...wanna join too..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. nice event amy ...... will try to participate ........

  8. Nice event, I have send my entry.Hope you received it dear...

  9. first time in your space.....i too want to participate in this event...happy to follow u dear :-)


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