Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Starting of a new journey to explore cake decorating-Henna Cake

I am a toddler when speak about cake decorating. I have decorated few cakes, less than 5 but they didn’t come out neat & nice as I expected. Have to improve more from the beginning.
Even I didn’t share those here as they were not neat & nice. But I always learnt cooking by sharing with others & improved with the comments I received. So I thought of sharing those my first cakes here & started a new journey to explore cake decorations.

This cake is decorated using butter icing.(I used a butter cake)
My butter icing recipe
½ cup shortening
½ cup butter
4 cups confectionary sugar
2 tbspn milk
1 tsp vanila

First beat butter & shortening. Add vanilla & mix well.Then add confectionary sugar slowly & mix well. Then add milk & continue beating until get a smooth paste.

Used the tip which we use for letters. (Tip no 2 )
I wanted to try a ‘Henna Cake’. I thought it would be easier. Oh what I thought was not correct. It was not easy  to get the lines continuously.
However taste was good.
This is my cake.

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  1. That looks really beautiful, Amy! I love the colour and the pattern.


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