Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sandwich Kebabs & using left over bread

This is just another quick & easy idea for tea time. I always don’t like wasting food, but need to think some way to use left over food. Most of the time I have few slices of bread left from breakfast. If I don’t have time to prepare another food, I convert it to bread crumbs. So easy. Just place the slices on a plate & put inside fridge without covering. It will be dried out within few days. Then I need to grind it to coarse bread crumbs. Good to cover any deep fry. 

Here is another easy idea. I had few bread slices left from the breakfast.
Then used some spread in it.( Actually I used jam & butter)
Then I cut all the sandwiches into small triangles & squares.
After that I arranged those in skewers alternatively with some fresh grapes.

Just another way to enjoy sandwiches.


  1. As usual preety and simple,I'm agree,I don't like wasting the food,need to use them and bring an idea to enjoy them :)

  2. hi amy, thanks for your visit- really appreciate that and now i learnt how to make my own bread crumbs from you :)

  3. THose are so cute! I like making lunch a little more intersting - I'll have to do this!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Happy New Year,
    Beth =-)


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