Monday, 19 September 2011

Fresh Fruit Kebabs & converting it to a food garnishing idea

Kebab is always a great appetizer. Be it with vegetable, meat or fruit, it gives a pleasing appearance & inviting to taste.

Here I used fresh fruits for Kebab. I believe fresh fruit is tastier & healthier than grilled.

Here we can use any type of fruit which can be inserted into skewers.

Here is the way I did.


Some Fresh fruit (I used Apple,Pears,Orange & grapes)
Lemon Juice added to half cup water
Few skewers


Wash & clean all the fruit.
Then cut them into bite size pieces.

Dip Apple, Pears & (also banana if using), in lemon juice to prevent discoloring
Arrange fruit in skewers in alternating pattern
Can serve with a dip prepared with yogurt & cheese or serve fresh.

These can be a good appetizer in a picnic.
This Fruit Kebab can be displayed in few ways.

1) Tray Display

Just arrange nicely in a flat tray & serve. If you use some lettuce, the arrangement will be nicer. Anyway I didn’t have Lettuce that day.  :)

2) Bouquet Display

Select a beautiful vase or even a glass, arrange fruit Kebabs in it. Here I used a piece of apple inside the vase, & inserted Kebabs into it easily. This can be used as a centerpiece of a table, isn’t it? strawberries will give some beautiful colour for the display.(If added)

 The Kebabs were really nice.Not only that,they were really colourful & beautiful.

Also with the event,
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable September 2011 Event by 

guest hosted by Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes

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  1. Glad to have discovered a fellow Srilankan Food Blogger..Love your site..Do visit my blog and let's keep in touch.

  2. these fruit kebab is to cute to eat :) simple appetizer healty and great,love it

  3. it's me again,thanks again for the award,and I'M passing to my fellow blogger :)

  4. Thanks Amy for your lovely comments and also for following my blog,I am more than glad to do the same.the kabob platter looks very refreshing and very neatly done ,the arrangement in the vase is very appetizing and looks so refreshingly succulent & juicy:)!

  5. Such a pretty arrangement of kebabs!

  6. Looks great and delicious! Fab idea!

  7. Following you! Those fruit kebabs are wonderful! I will enjoy reading all your awesome recipes!

    ~ Pia

  8. So beautiful! Love your arrangements and definitely healthy too.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.


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