Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A bunch of flowers with a carrot

Carrots are so colourful & it can be used in many food garnishes. Here I have done a flower vase using some flowers carved from a carrot & using some other leaves.

What you need is:

A carrot
Few grapes (You can find alternatives)
Few spinach, curry leaves & spring onion
Few skewers & tooth picks
A vase, glass or suitable thing to hold flowers
A knife for carving

First peel the carrot

Cut & remove some strips from the carrot as per below picture.And there should be five strips removed

Then slice the carrot & you will see the shape as of flowers.

Use half of grapes & skewers/tooth picks & make few flowers as below.

Now you are ready with few flowers.Then it is time for the arrangement.
Use some green leaves (I used curry leaves,spring onion & spinach which I had inside my fridge :) )
Decorate as you wish

I am sure the dining table will be colourful & special within few minutes.And it is really easy to make.

Check my other simple garnishing idea with carrot,here.

Now I am sharing this with,

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable September 2011 Event by 

guest hosted by Fruit Carving Arramgements and Food Garnishes

Food carving & garnishing is an great art which we need to pay much attention.But in my posts I just want to highlight that there are simple & easy garnishing methods which every one can use.And by spending another few minutes for a garnishing idea,we can do a great change in our dining table.



  1. Looks so delicious. I am sorry to say this will end up in my tummy by the time I make them.
    I tried making flowers like you have said in your earlier post, i think it was carrot rice and was appreciated at home. So maybe I will someday make something like this.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  2. Thanks for your participation in the Event. I like the way you have arranged the flowers in the wine glass.

    Happy food crafting!

  3. Thanks dear all....And Khushi & Archana,you can participate with the event mentioned above,food garnishing is funful always...I am happy to hear that Archana tried this flowers at home.Carrots are always colourful!!

  4. I love these, Now to find a carrot and try these garnishings.. I am now following you Thank you for sharing


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