Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chocolate covered Strawberry bites

I found this recipe in a website & thought of trying it.It is absolutely very easy & quick bite.
Hope you will enjoy them too

Strawberries about 6-10 nos
Chocolate chips 5 tbs
Butter or vegetable shortening 1 tsp
Few tooth picks
Some fruitier chips or icing for decorating



Wash & clean the strawberries.
If you do not like leaves, you can remove it.
Then insert the tooth pick at the bottom of strawberries & keep aside

Now heat the chocolate chips together with butter/shortening in a double broiler or in a microwave oven.

When the chocolate is melt, dip the strawberries & cover well with chocolate.

Decorate as you wish.

In this one,I have removed the tooth pick & used a cupcake cover.

Shared this at Everyday Mom's Meals 's Church super event.

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  1. Too cute! My son would love these. Thanks for sharing at Church Supper :)


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